One of the most common questions that come to mind when people start to get to know Scalp Micropigmentation is why three treatments are required? Is it possible to get the whole treatment done in one session?

To answer this question we have to understand the Scalp Micropigmentation process first.

Scalp Micropigmentation process

Scalp Micropigmentation is not an easy task and requires a lot of skill, patience and attention to detail by the artist. Even if an artist is very experienced but doesn’t have the passion and patience to deliver a quality job, the result could be far from the desired result. Enough Talk, let’s see what is involved in delivering each session of high-quality SMP:

Scalp Micropigmentation sessions

First Session of scalp micropigmentation

Usually after healing of each treatment session SMP goes a bit lighter. How much lighter?

It depends on the skin type, the thickness of the skin, Skin tone, etc. When the skin heals the result could be quite different between people. The color on some skin remains similar to the first day It was applied to the skin, and on some people is two or three shades lighter. It’s even different in a different area of the scalp for each person.

From experience, we can guess how the color will react with the skin, which is correct in 90% of the time. However, Scalp Micropigmentation artist should not decide on the final pigment to be used in the first session. He should go with a lighter shade of color and lower density and wait for the healed result after a week.

We have some clients that come to us when another artist ruin their SMP, simply because they go with the assumption that the color is going to be lighter next session which wasn’t. If the artist does this mistake on the scar it can give a terrible result.

As the artist should work very light on the scalp, in this stage clients can’t see a huge difference.

In Conclusion, in the first session, SMP artist should not rush in adding a lot of density of SMP or using a darker shade of color on the scalp with the hope that the color goes lighter.

Second Session of scalp micropigmentation

From the healed results of the first session, an experienced Scalp Micropigmentation artist can totally understand how he should deal with the skin, He knows exactly what colour, what equipment he should use and how deep he should penetrate in the skin. Here is no time to waste, with these critical information he starts adding so many dots on the skin to bring density of SMP close to the density of natural hair and fill all the gaps.

Usually, in this session clients see a lot of results and feel happy with the difference in their appearance.

Third Session of scalp micropigmentation

In this session the Artist has to make hair density consistent all over the scalp, blend the SMP with existing hair, do the final touches to the hairline and bring the SMP to the perfection level.