Scalp Micropigmentaion For Thinning hair

Scalp Micropigmentaion / Hair Tattoo is definitely the best solution for thinning hair both for Men and Women because:

  1.  SMP can make your hair much fuller than other solutions such as Hair Transplant:
    Scalp Micropigmentation can increase your hair density much more than any other treatment. The following client had a successful hair transplant at his hairline area, However, The density of his hair is quite low in the area. We use Scalp Micropigmentaion to add density in the area for him. As you can see the amount of density that Scalp Micropigmentaion can add is not comparable to hair transplant.Scalp Micropigmentation for Thinning hair
  2.  SMP doesn’t hurt your existing natural hair: Unlike Hair transplant that might damage your natural hair, SMP doesn’t damage your natural hair because Scalp Micropigmentation is happening on the surface of the skin (Sweet Spot) and doesn’t reach the root of natural hair.

    SMP in Sweet Spot doesn't damage natural hair
    SMP Depth is shallower than natural hair and It doesn’t hurt natural hair
  3. SMP Fades slower for people with thinning hair: Scalp Micropigmetation fades quicker when exposed to the sun. If you have thinning hair, your natural hair shades on your SMP and protects your SMP from extreme and constant exposure, So It Lasts for a longer time. SMP can be done while your hair is long which is very important for people with long hair specially Women.

    Hair Tattoo can be done on people with long hair
    Hair Tattoo can be done on people with long hair
  4.  Hair Looks full even when It gets Wet: When Hair strands gets wet, they attach to each other and look thinner. SMP creates a lot of tiny dots on the skin which are not changing when the skin gets wet.
  5.  SMP Looks absolutely Natural: SMP can create great results even for people who are completely bald. When SMP Looks natural on a bald head, You can imagine how great the result is when It’s surrounded by hair.
  6.  SMP is cost-effective: Initial Cost of SMP is not very low (More than $1500). However, It’s much cheaper than hair transplant or regrowing hair solutions over time.
  7.  SMP results are visible immediately after the treatment: But, With all other hair treatments, you have to wait a long time to see the results.

With all of these benefits, We recommend Hair Tattoo to almost all of the people with thinning hair except the following people:
1)  Clients who are in their early 20s.
Unfortunately, at this age, a lot of people experience further hair loss. So, Unless you have a marriage or a big event happening in the near future, It’s best if you can postpone SMP for thinning hair to a time that your hair loss slowdowns.
2) People who want to try the hair regrowing program. If you want to do the Hair regrowing program, It’s best if you do it first and if It doesn’t work then you can consider SMP for thinning hair. Bear in mind that for almost all hair regrowing programs you have to keep doing it for the rest of life.

People with Thinning hair can get incredible results with Scalp Micropigmentaion. When SMP is applied between natural hair it makes the hair look 4-5 time fuller.

You don’t have to shave your hair or keep your hair short when you have thinning hair.

As SMP happens in the top layer of skin and doesn’t reach the root of the hair, it doesn’t damage your natural hair during the procedure and this is a huge advantage of SMP over hair transplant for people with thinning hair.


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