Differences between scalp and Cosmetic Tattoo pigment

Scalp Pigmentation is a different technique in comparison to regular facial micropigmentation, using different pigments.

Brow for instance, slowly fades, needs a touch up after approximately 2 years. This is something we do not want for Scalp Pigmentation. The pigment brand that we use has developed special scalp pigments which do not fade after the healing process, stay crispy in the skin for many years but are easy to remove, if necessary.

Also some of our pigments are Iron oxide free. This is necessary, since scalp pigmentation is applied on large parts of the scalp. If you need a medical scan, MRI, Iron oxide pigments will disturb MRI scan image. This is the reason why scalp pigments must be iron oxide free.

The Scalp pigments that we use at ELKA SMP do not contain glycerin. Yes it is common to use glycerin in pigments but it is not good for scalp. Glycerin makes the consistency of pigment more creamy and equal but glycerin slows down the healing process This gives your body the changes to reject the pigment and makes dots on scalp thicker after the healing process.

Our Scalp pigments also contain a special glue which stops bleeding and accelerate the healing process of the epidermis.
This way the pigment is less likely to reject or spread.
The manufacturer of the brand that we use has developed pigments for a shaven look  and longer hair pigmentation, which make your existing hair look fuller.

These pigments give a real shaven look, darkness of follicles can be obtained by different shades of black. The pigments come in 11 different shades.

For tinted skin, pigment is adjusted for blue undertones, and we have pigment especially for dark skin.

All Of our pigments contain this special protein, which works as a catalyst. This protein makes pigments solid as soon as it comes in contact with other proteins (for instance Blood). This is why our pigments dry this quickly.

They all contain the same brown/black carbon pigment.

The Pigments which are for creating shaven look on bald skin are glycerin free, carbon pigment based and contain special formula for stopping migration of the pigment and fast healing.
After the healing process, these pigments stay approximately 8 years in the skin. Much longer than regular micro-pigmentation pigments.
These pigments are very easy to remove, if necessary.   

Some of our Scalp Pigments are for Hair Filling for clients with thinning hair, to cover the white skin between the thinning hair.
For Hair Filling, you have to choose the right color according the hair colour.