If you are one of the following groups Scalp Micropigmentation (Hair Tattoo) works the best for you.

4 best candidates for scalp micropigmentation

1) Thinning Hair

People with Thinning hair can get incredible result with SMP. When SMP is applied between natural hair it makes it look 4-5 time fuller.

You don’t have to shave your hair or keep your hair short when you have thinning hair.

The two samples of our client show how SMP can help people with Long hair and short hair.

As SMP happens in the top layer of skin and doesn’t reach the root of the hair, it doesn’t damage your natural hair during the procedure and this is a huge advantage of SMP over hair transplant for people with thinning hair.

2) Baldness and Alopecia

If you have lost all of your hair on the scalp, The options with any hair treatment are limited. In this case SMP can give a buzz cut appearance to your head.

Hair transplant usually doesn’t for people with severe amount of hair loss as they usually don’t have enough hair bank and their scalp tendency to lose hair might make them to lose the implanted hair again.

Shampoos and oils usually don’t work on this group and the only practical way to have a long hair look might be wigs which despite SMP requires life time maintenance.

3) scar camouflage

Scalp Micropigmentation is the best solution for Hairloss Scars such as Hair transplant scar (FUE, FUT), Brain surgery scars or injury scars. Usually the scar tissue is harder and the color is brighter than surrounding area. That makes it more difficult than normal Scalp Micropigmentation and requires a very experienced technician with the highest end technology machines to achieve the best result. We are proud to be the best Scar coverage micropigmentation in Australia:

Showing Effectiveness of Scalp Micropigmentation / Hair Tattoo for Scar camouflage
Effectiveness of Scalp Micropigmentation / Hair Tattoo for Scar camouflage

4) People with Hair Transplant

SMP is a great solution for people who have done their hair transplant and want a denser look. They opt for SMP over another hair transplant for these reasons:

  • Density of hair transplant is not enough and they want 3-4 times more denser look  but they don’t want to do hair transplant again because of the pain, or because they don’t have enough hair bank or don’t want to pay the hefty price of hair transplant.

 Successful Hair Tranplant Like to have more density in his hair by SMP.

  • Some people want to do SMP as hair transplant didn’t work for them and they lost the transplanted hair. Although hair transplant is a good solution for some people, it’s not for every one.

Unsuccessful hair transplant wants to increase density of his hair and not go through further Hair transplant.