Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a process that camouflages hair loss by creating the appearance of a shaved head by applying specific micropigmentation to the scalp.

SMP is a great procedure and the result can amaze you and let me tell you something:

It’s almost Impossible to realise that someone has SMP done if the SMP  is done properly, even from a close distance and even for people like me who are SMP artists.

A while ago I had a meeting with someone about work and as soon as I saw him from 4 meters away I could realize he had done an SMP procedure. On the other hand, I saw a few people who had done SMP and it was extremely difficult to find out.

Signs of a qualified SMP clinic

Consider these 5 factors when you want to chose a good SMP provider:

1) Great Portfolio of SMP Clients

It is very important that they have a similar case to your case and that you see the final results.

Photos that are too good to be true should ring the bells for you. Most of the Clinics get the after results straight after the treatment. At this time the skin has redness and irritation, so if the results look too good without redness, etc, there is a big chance that they’ve used Photoshop on the photo. You are not looking at wedding photos, you want to see real results on real people. After sometime when the redness goes away the good SMP looks amazing.

Look at this photo straight after the last treatment and the photo taken straight after the treatment and the photo client sent after some time to express how happy he is:

The Photo was taken Straight After the Third Session and the skin is still red, so the result does not look great.

Now let’s look at the photo that client sent after some time:

2) Clinic hygiene

This is the most important factor when you want to choose an SMP Clinic. After all, you want to enhance your look not get a disease.

It’s not enough to just check if they use disposable items.

The room that SMP procedure is carried in, should be absolutely clean. All the equipment that the artist works with during treatment should be wrapped and isolated with a barrier film.

The barrier film should be applied to equipment during SMP.
The clinic also should have a sharps container such as this one:

 In consultation look for any sign that might show you they don’t take care of these things.

3) Experience

Ask the SMP artist different questions about SMP. See if he knows the fundamentals of Scalp Micropigmentation. Does he know about skin and how it reacts with SMP? Different type of hairlines and different techniques for delivering SMP?

He should clearly answer all your questions. Also, ask if all of the samples on the website is produced by him or not. This is very important as lots of clinics used to have good SMP artists who might not work with them anymore but they still use photos of their works. So, you judge the new SMP artist by photos of the previous artist.

4) SMP Artist’s Passion and Patience

Each session of SMP takes about 3-4 hours, so the SMP artist should have passion for his job, he should care about you, your look and the result.

The SMP artist can achieve amazing results if he cares, has a passion for what he is doing and has attention to details. Believe me two artists with the same level of capabilities can deliver completely different SMP results, one looks amazing and natural, the other one looks unnatural.

Possibly this is very difficult to pick up when you see an artist for the very first time. During consultation look for anything that they say wrongly to attract you to start the procedure. If you see this behavior, they are not honest with you and that’s a sign that they care more about your pocket than yourself.

Otherwise, they will describe everything honestly and let you decide.

5) Client Testimonials

It’s a very important decision for every person and it’s a big investment for a lot of clients and all the clinics clearly know this. So, you can ask the clinic to let you see one of their clients immediately after the second or third session.

Usually, other clients are happy to let you have a look at their result and if the clinic is transparent with you, they should be willing to let you see actual client results.

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