A 2015 article in the Sydney Herald revealed a new study on balding men. The study revealed that viewers viewed bald or balding men as looking four years older than men with hair. Additionally, viewers saw bald men as less attractive. 

A full head of hair gives an edge in life and relationships. No wonder men are willing to dump their savings into hair-restoral treatments. With a perceived full head of hair, a man can walk around with confidence, showcasing his true age and attractiveness. 

Scalp micropigmentation is one of the newest trends in perceived hair restoration. It gives individuals the appearance that they are not balding or have thinning hair. While it costs less than typical hair restoration options, scalp micropigmentation price still surprises individuals. 

What does scalp micropigmentation cost? And why does it cost so much? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about this cutting edge, non-invasive hair loss treatment procedure. 

How Much Does Scalp Micropigmentation Cost?

In short, scalp micropigmentation can cost as little as $2,000 and as much as $7,000. The variance on cost depends on four major factors: 

  1. Skin type
  2. Area covered
  3. Hair quality and density
  4. Scarring

If you have a normal skin type, a small area that needs coverage, simple hair quality and density, and no scarring, the micropigmentation will take less time and effort and logically cost less. 

However, if the technician is attempting to cover an intense, thick scar, you can imagine the cost of the procedure will match the amount of work a technician has to do. 

Most companies understand that you don’t have thousands of dollars lying around for something like micropigmentation, and thus they offer payment plans. So you can still have that look of a full head of hair even if you cannot pay for the procedure upfront. 

What Factors Affect the Cost? 

What is scalp micropigmentation, and why do these factors affect the cost? Scalp micropigmentation is a procedure where a technician uses a non-surgical, medical procedure to create a cosmetic tattoo to create the illusion of a full scalp of hair. 

These four factors affect the cost of MSP:

Skin Type

Most individuals have a normal skin type, skin that is adequately moisturized and of normal thickness. However, if you have compromised skin, you should expect to pay more for this procedure. Here are some of the factors that affect the procedure: 

  • Dry, flaky skin
  • Older skin
  • Moles
  • Damaged skin
  • Severe acne
  • Sensitive skin that requires extra care and time
  • Thicker skin that requires extra time

If you suspect that you have compromised skin, mention this to the technician from the start to see how this difference will affect the cost of the procedure.  

Area Covered

The amount of area that needs micropigmentation will affect the cost of the procedure. If you have basic, thinning hair, the technician will have less work to do as they just fill in around the thinning area. 

However, if you have significant bald spots, then the SMP for the balding procedure will take more time and effort.

Most technicians use The Norwood Scale, a common method for determining the degree of balding. Treatment costs less when you’re in the earlier stages of balding versus the later stages that require treatment over a larger area. These are the stages of balding on the Norwood Scale

  1. Stage I: Baseline balding. This is when you have no hair loss at all.
  2. Stage II: When you begin to notice an “m” shape pattern at your temples, you are most likely in Stage II. 
  3. Stage III: This stage occurs when the “m” pattern begins to deepen. You may also have thinning hair on the crown of your head. 
  4. Stage IV: In Stage IV, your hair recedes more dramatically on the side of your head. You end up with a triangular island of hair near the front of your head and a noticeable bald spot int he back of your head. You still should have a full bridge of hair separating these two specific areas of hair loss. 
  5. Stage V: You know you’re in stage V when the bridge that joined your balding area in the back and the front begins to thin. 
  6. Stage VI: In this near-final stage, the areas of hair loss join and your hair continues to recede on the sides of your head. The two main areas of hair loss unite in this stage. 
  7. Stage VII: When you’ve reached this stage of baldness, you have a horseshoe pattern of hair. You do not have any hair on top of your head, and you just have hair on the back and the sides. 

You can imagine that an individual in Stage VII will need more extensive treatment than an individual who just has thinning hair around his temples in Stage II. 

The scalp micropigmentation women need will cost less typically than what a man usually needs. 

Scar Coverage

When you have a scar on your head, you damage the hair follicles, and thus hair will not grow through scar tissue. Experts call this scar alopecia.

Thick scars require consideration and significant time.

If you have a lighter scar, a technician will use a specialized technique as well as the regular micro-pigmentation treatment to mask the scar. However, if you have significant scarring, the technician will focus on treating the scar first before using a micro-pigmentation treatment. Some companies even use a pre-treatment with camouflage ink. 

Camouflage ink will fade the scar by lending any discolouration into the surrounding skin. Then the technician uses micro-pigmentation to make the scar look as if the hair is growing in the area. 

Hair Style and Density

Hair density varies from person to person. For example, redheads average around 90,000 hair follicles while blondes have an average of 150,000 hair follicles. The number of hair follicles a technician needs to mimic will affect the cost of the micro-pigmentation procedure. 

Additionally, the style you wish to mimic will also determine the density of the SMP treatment A “wet shave” look, for example, is one of the lightest treatment options. A classic fade, on the other hand, requires more density in some places and thus more time for treatment. 

What Does the SMP Cost Cover? 

As you look into scalp micro-pigmentation procedures, you may wonder exactly what the thousands of dollars covers. 

The total cost of a scalp micropigmentation procedure should cover two different visits outside of the procedure itself. The first visit is a consultation with the technician who will perform the procedure and the treatment itself. At this visit, you will decide which style you want, and the technician will evaluate your scalp and the factors that affect the cost of the procedure. 

The treatment can take up to two to three hours. 

After two to three weeks have passed, you will head back for a follow-up appointment. At this appointment, the technician will check the healing process of your scalp and will shade in areas of the scalp that needs more coverage. 

Most companies include the second visit. Always ask the technician when you’re asking about the procedure what visits the cost will cover. 

You should also plan on having a touch-up session after three to five years have passed. This touch-up is not typically included in the initial cost. 

Cost Comparison

Men have been attempting to camouflage their baldness for decades, beginning with wigs and toupees. The solutions usually depend heavily on the physical and financial cost of the treatment. 

At the end of the long list of possible solutions like diets, supplements, and medications are the invasive procedures of hair transplants and now micropigmentation. 

Scalp micropigmentation costs a fraction of the amount of hair transplant costs. Plus, a customer can walk away that day with less healing time and a renewed sense of self-confidence. In short, the procedure costs less. 

Scalp micropigmentation is not a permanent solution, however. You will still need touchups three to five years after your initial procedure. 

Hair transplants are permanent solutions. You should not have to go back for a touchup. You do run the risk of failed transplants, though not to mention post-operative complications. 

Scalp micro-pigmentation does not have the same post-operative complications. 

Seek a Professional

No matter which solutions you choose, you need to seek a professional. You do not have to suffer from the scorn that comes with a balding head or thinning hair. You have options. 

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